Saturday, 14 January 2017

AGM - 18 January 2017 - 7.30pm for 8pm

18 January 2017  
The Oakhouse, Maldon CM9 5PF 

Following the AGM,

Guest Speaker:  RICHARD RIDLER
Presentation on the work of Bees Abroad

All members welcome. 

Non members welcome. 

For further information and nomination forms 
07979 862952


1. Opening of Meeting

2. Apologies

3. Confirmation of Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting – 20 January 2016

4. Presentation of Annual Report by Chairman 2016

5. Adoption of Annual Report

6. Presentation of Treasurer’s report 2016

7. Election of Executive: 
  • Chairman – Glenn Mayes Proposed: Darren Burge Seconded: Kate Tuerena
  • Trustee – Mark Hallows Proposed: Darren Burge Seconded: Glenn Mayes
  • Treasurer – Jo Boden Proposed: Carlie Mayes Seconded: Kate Tuerena
  • Secretary – Carlie Mayes Proposed: Kate Tuerena Seconded: Darren Burge
  • Committee – Ron Pratt Proposed: Carlie Mayes Seconded: Peter Davidson
  • Committee – Kate Tuerena Proposed: Carlie Mayes Seconded: Darren Burge
  • Committee – Darren Burge Proposed: Glenn Mayes Seconded: Kate Tuerena
  • Committee – Peter Davidson Proposed: Ron Pratt Seconded: Keith Lomax

8. Appointment of Accountants: Harvey Smith & Son, Burnham

9. Confirm Roy Carter as President

10. Ratification of Apiary Policy 
  • Confirm Apiary Assistants at each site
11. Presentation of Single Signature banking option to Members for formal ratification

12. Any other business

13. Closure

Papers already sent out:

Available at the meeting:

2016 Accounts and Treasurer's Report 

Monday, 9 January 2017

Maldon in Bloom

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20th Anniversary Year
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