Friday, 23 May 2014



Have a problem with bees?

Have a problem with something that looks like a bee?

Looking for guidance?

If so, please text/email the Swarm Co-ordinator.

Before you call do you know what sort of insect you have?  Use our "Identify your bee" page for help.

You may have a bumblebee or a solitary bee. Or you may have wasps!  

Our Swarm Co-ordinator will ask you some questions about the flying insects you have and will help identify them, advising what can be done and what we can do.  

You will be asked to email a photograph - this will help us give you the best guidance possible.

If we can help, we will contact a swarm collector near to where you live who will contact you about your problem.  

Please remember - All our swarm collectors are volunteers.  Where we can help, we will.  

Normally, we only assist with honey bees, however, some of our swarm collectors will move bumblebees.  However, we cannot deal with solitary bees or wasps.

Please contact

Swarm Co-ordinator
Dengie 100 & Maldon Beekeepers

If you are interested in taking a swarm the Swarm Co-ordinator will take some details and include your details on our database.  Just ask.

The areas we cover include:

Maldon, Southminster, Burnham on Crouch, Danbury, Bicknacre, Wickham Bishops, Mundon, Bradwell on Sea, Steeple, Latchingdon, North Fambridge, South Woodham Ferrers, Hatfield Peverel

If you are unsure if we have a swarm collector in your area, please call to find out.

2014 Swarm Rota for the Chelmsford area
Mon     Mr Spencer               07917024931
Tue      Mr Harris                   07812693961
Wed     Mr Gee                       07816462970 / 07801241951
Thur    Mr Spencer              07917024931
Fri        Mr Grant                    07706602137
Sat      Dee Inkersole          07544531970
Sun     Mr Edwards              07894 094 833
For help and advice with swarms in buildings and chimneys only please contact
Roy Hardwicke (professional builder and beekeeper)
01245 225950 or email

For Harlow and surrounding areas Honey Bee Swarm collection (sorted by postcode):

Peter AstonLeadon RodingCM607850 920490
Nick HolmesOld HarlowCM1701279 41336807730 735752
Colin PorcherOld HarlowCM1701279 42930207885 527745
James EvertonRoydonCM1901279 79274007979 976709
Daniel NicolHarlowCM1901279 42067907956 943 512
Trevor JonesSawbridgeworthCM2101279 600248
Ann BryantHigh WychCM2101279 72640607849 915805
David TylerHatfield HeathCM2201279 730228
Michael MorganSheeringCM2201279 72516407887 688807
John GroverSpellbrookCM2301279 724257
For Chelmsford, Brickendon and Dalston:
Frank HarrisonBrickendonSG1301992 51120207831 300505
David ThornChelmsfordCM101245 28351707870 546776
Caroline WheelerChelmsfordCM201245 28324207979 708338
Mark PearceDalstonN107968 782153

Tree bumblebee (Bombus hypnorum) - 'swarming' behaviour. By Clive Hill.